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Answers for dark nights and difficult seasons

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If you find yourself in a night season, where darkness and difficulty have become all too familiar, or if you’ve been struggling with depressive thoughts, anxiety, or hopelessness, this resource is designed to meet you where you are.

Let the Lord minister to you in a loving way, providing the strength, hope, and encouragement you need in the midst of your challenges. No matter the depth of your despair, you can believe that brighter days are ahead.

This resource is for anyone who:

  • Is currently grappling with mind games.
  • Is wrestling with discouragement, depressive thoughts, or anxiety while trusting our Lord Jesus for healing and breakthroughs in these areas.

In this series, you will:

  1. Understand Jesus’ unfailing heart for those who are struggling with mind games.
  2. Be strengthened by the promises of restoration in God’s Word.
  3. Be equipped with practical tools to navigate the path from discouragement to a place of renewed hope for the future.

Watch a short clip from this series!

5 hrs

Program Duration